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Guido Guidi

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The galleries that deal with the works of artists of this current, and its derivatives, that are interested to be present on the home page of the portal with links to your site, need of prior notice by mail to the email info@giovannifattori.com

The portal for macchiaioli

The portal, based on the figure of Giovanni Fattori, exponent of what was perhaps the most important nineteenth-century artistic movement in Italy, aims to investigate major issues and themes that have brought the current Macchiaioli to be followed today, especially by artists of Tuscany lands.

We want here to propose arguments about the artistic movement of Macchiaioli, its development, its subject and its most important exponents. With particular attention to the personality of Giovanni Fattori, you also want to relate these artists with the war and contemporary renaissance to which they participated with fervor, especially in the year when we celebrate the 150 years of Italian unification. The events that punctuate, the mid-nineteenth, the historical context of Italian artists Macchiaioli were certainly a source of artistic inspiration and personal development, developments that enrich pictorial.

The survey shall try to understand what were the developments of the legacy of “stain”, through the first group of Postmacchaioli, grown up in the late nineteenth century, and then through the so-called Group Labronico, from the early twenties of the twentieth century.

Of the latter group, in particular, perhaps less well known outside the borders of Tuscany, you want to provide information about its constitution and its most important exponents. As, Group, extant, has to date key members highly appreciated by audiences and critics, committed to actively participate in artistic and cultural town, by promoting the tradition of painting Tuscan Livorno.

Fundamental link between the great master Giovanni Fattori and the subsequent current prosecutors Macchiaioli was Giovanni Malesci. Artist yet little studied by contemporary critics,who was appointed by the same factors, his heir. Maker of fine works, that are still moving in the Tuscan tradition of painting, He dedicated his life to promoting the artistic production of her Master, helping to reassess the figure, artistic personality of the season as crucial nineteenth-century painting in Italy.

The portal also aims to, also be a gathering place for passionate collectors of the works resulting from these important Italian art movements, for those involved dell'allestimento exhibitions, for those who write texts and also for those who have already blessed with great works of Giovanni Fattori and the other members of the current.
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